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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spring Sensation Research Ideas

This is an example of the fractal which we would be using to accompany the piece. Due to practicality and effectiveness ours would be in black and white. The fractal would be used at varying speeds depending on the speed of the song. We liked this idea because it not only looks really good but also because it relates to our concept ideas which will be discussed later. 

This is something that we would use for another portion  of the video. Our idea is to create a large number of small, medium, and large rorschachs. We would then scan or take pictures of them all and have them go by frame by frame very fast (according to the speed of the song) to create the illusion of movement. We thought this was a cool idea again because it looks visually aesthetic and it relates to our theme. 

We decided, that because the fractal is a visual representation of basic but consistent math formula and the rorschach visually represents psychological or mental illness, that both of these together would visually represent the piece. Since both these mediums visually represent things that we cannot physically see but know exist we thought they would relate to the piece because together they work to visually represent the piece. Also the song is very calculated and precise almost mathematic in its execution which also describes the fractal and the rorschach. The fractal is literally mathematic formula, and the rorschach is a way of evaluating what you see when you look at completely abstract images. 

Spring Sensation Process Ideas

This is an example of a fractal. Our inspiration for using this kind of thing for the piece is that it visually represents a simple math formula. Much like the piece "Palladio" which is very calculated and precise in its execution, the fractal is very mathematic and could work with the song well if used properly.  We thought this would be cool because as the song builds up the fractal would be building up as well, in terms of the design and speed.

This was another idea we had which was a visualizer. This was a cool idea because we could do almost anything to represent the piece. It had a lot of freedom which ironically would inhibit us in terms of concept and relationship between the medium and the piece. This was the third idea we came up with. This would have been an interesting thing to use because we could have created a number of different ways to approach the piece in terms of representation. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shaun of the Dead Movie Trailer Remake

This is the original trailer for Shaun of the Dead

This is the remade version of the same trailer. I chose to create a more serious rendition of the comedy movie. Although the plot would be relatively parallel, the mood has been drastically changed. I managed to achieve this by using a distinct soundtrack behind my chosen clips, the song being Karma Police by Radiohead. I concluded that if I put it on Youtube I have a chance of being reported for copyright infringement on the basis of the movie, however I am certain that Radiohead would not try and remove my audio as well. Regardless, I decided to choose the scenes that I chose simply because they were the most realistic considering very few parts of this movie were in any way real. I debated on doing a voiceover but due to my pre-mature voice I decided it would be best not to. This choice ended up working better as the lack of narration and pure music engages the viewer and helps convey the mood that I was aiming for. I would have to say that I am satisfied with the outcome although I am aware it would have been preferable to also change the plot more significantly. Since this is my first experience with editing clips and audio I can only say that I am proud of my finished product and I hope you enjoy it. ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love Lines

I stumbled across this video and found it so well thought out, incredibly organized and neat, and so well orchestrated that I immediately decided I couldn't withhold it from my blog. The video comes from the self-named Youtube account Aisha Zamm. There really are not a lot of words to describe this video other than simply outstanding, even the execution of the song along with the video and how at certain parts it seemed to me like they synced perfectly. I love the song playing during this video and I find it amplifies the meaning/message. On the visual side, her illustrations are impeccable and the way she can transform a whole image by merely flipping and bending the page is wonderfully creative. I can't find a lot of anything I don't like about this video the only thing I can point out is that, in my opinion, I don't particularly like photographic animation, however, I'd be a liar if I said it didn't work well for this video. This is an excellent example of creative genius and spare time combined to make something incredibly fascinating, enjoy.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Life is Still Life

 This is my still life project entitled "Life is Still Life", it features a stuffed rabbit and the skull of a coyote. The conceptual design for this was to place the objects close to the bottom and right portions of the paper, leaving the fabric to draw your eye inwards on the top left portion. I tried to use a mixture of shades to create depth in my image. By making certain parts darker and certain parts lighter a feeling of realism is achieved, I feel, and by creating purposely darker shadows outside of the objects it makes them pop and come out more. Seeing this finished product I would have decided to focus more on the shading rather than trying to create the objects I saw, as I now realize shading is a very important tool for creating both depth and realism, especially in pencil. I could have done improved shading by being more patient with my fabric instead of trying to fill it in faster, this would have made it look less scratchy and more like actual fabric. I am pleased with the result and I feel it was a good effort on my part because I learned more than I knew before starting. I enjoy doing projects where I don't entirely understand certain parts because then in producing the error it gives me an opportunity to effectively learn from what I did "wrong". Most importantly though, I enjoyed doing this project and I look forward to creating more works which I can look back on when my skills have further increased.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Help With Drawing

This is a website I found that has helped me improve my drawing skills. The videos are easy to follow although they are not step-by-step, there is also a wide variety of different things to choose from. If you are looking for something fast and easy to help you understand a few parts of a drawing you might be missing then this is a good link for you. However, if you are looking for a more detailed tutorial you might want to look elsewhere. The website is called and I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

A Little Nostalgia Here and There

I stumbled upon this retro game player and found it extremely interesting. It plays any 8bit console and non console game, such as Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Pokemon, and many many more. It's really cool that someone took the time not only to convert all these games into computer playable versions but also that they jammed them all into one easily accessible place. The gameplay, as expected, doesn't quite match up to the original games but it is nonetheless still a joy to play. Whether you enjoyed, or even played these games, should give you incentive to check this out!