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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spring Sensation Research Ideas

This is an example of the fractal which we would be using to accompany the piece. Due to practicality and effectiveness ours would be in black and white. The fractal would be used at varying speeds depending on the speed of the song. We liked this idea because it not only looks really good but also because it relates to our concept ideas which will be discussed later. 

This is something that we would use for another portion  of the video. Our idea is to create a large number of small, medium, and large rorschachs. We would then scan or take pictures of them all and have them go by frame by frame very fast (according to the speed of the song) to create the illusion of movement. We thought this was a cool idea again because it looks visually aesthetic and it relates to our theme. 

We decided, that because the fractal is a visual representation of basic but consistent math formula and the rorschach visually represents psychological or mental illness, that both of these together would visually represent the piece. Since both these mediums visually represent things that we cannot physically see but know exist we thought they would relate to the piece because together they work to visually represent the piece. Also the song is very calculated and precise almost mathematic in its execution which also describes the fractal and the rorschach. The fractal is literally mathematic formula, and the rorschach is a way of evaluating what you see when you look at completely abstract images. 

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